Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 05: I'm moving on...left!

Nothing really happened today. The "Girl Next Door" left and I asked our host whether I could get her room, for it is bigger than mind and, well, cleaner and offers more comfort. What can I say - I live in the "Salon Blue" now! ;)

I had to do some organising, so I hardly left the house today  - except for finding something to eat...
I still don't quite know how people in LDN actually cook or bake properly, supermarkets only seem to hold the most essential groceries - along with a LOTTA JUNKFOOD and "convenience products", which is a pathetic euphemism for commercially prepared food - fucking Fertigprodukte.

Not that I really had the intention to cook (kinda don't want to use that kitchen... ugh).

Speaking about supermarkets... actual chains are rather hard to find in this area, but there are quite a few privately ran grocery shops/ kiosk hybrids around here - that offer even less.

So, were should I get some take away? The chinese mafia seemed to have decided that all of their restaurants need to be claused on sunday, so none of that for me today.

How to tell which restaurant is good? By the amount of people eating there. But what if there really aren't a lot of people in any of them? hmm I settled on the Kebap Restaurant that had a chubby, smoking, chavy kind of lady sitting outside and two people sitting on the inside. One turned out to be the cook - 'nuf said.

Curious-me settled on a "Doner Kebap". Not too good Idea. It is - well, different than their originals.

This is what happens when you take Turkish kind of food invented in Germany abroad: Some thing with dry bread and stripes of mystery meat and some chili sauce. Meat tasted really weird (dry as well, highly minced, no real pieces. Vegetables were okay, sauce hot. Only ate 1/3.

I'm actually a bit afraid of tomorrow, my first day of my internship. How are the people going to be? Will I be dressed right? Well I get everything? Can I handle the duties? Will the strike on the tube affect me? I will see.