Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 03: Going through the motions.

Alright, so today it kinda hit me. This was the first day I was actually pretty much all by myself and felt lonely here for the very first time. First thing I did was looking for Streatham Railroad Station, checking if it would be faster to go to work via train instead of the tube. It might be, but it is stupid. Thanks to the British not being too fond of streetsigns as is seems, it took me quite some time just finding the station. Streatham really is no pretty place, thankfully I am staying just between there and tooting bec. Then I found the train slow, I missed the connecting train and generally did notl ike the vibe it somehow had. Well. I'll take the tube.

I found the place rather easily when I arrived. To my suprise, I can see the Palace of Westminster and the London Eye from there. Nice :)

Afterwards I went on to visit the V&A and while I really like it there and the Giftshop is amazing with more than just that souvenir crap, I really was not feeling it. I forced myself to take a few pictures at the beginning but really could not further on. I did not even have the motivation to really read the map or a lot of the descriptions. I went on to the Natural History Museum, but really just to kill some time. I really want to go there again, though, when I am more motivated.
I don't know what exactly it was. Maybe it was just the malnutrition I'm experiencing here by eating too little and things I usually wouldn't (there is only white bread, jam and PB for breakfast, everyday the same...oh, and super duper sugary cereals if I wanted to with occasionally rotten milk, so I heard. They are actually German haha, I saw a Lidl not too far away). Or really just the feeling of loneliness I felt. Work is only starting on Monday and I did not really have the chance to meet anybody so far. Nevermind.