Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 04: Hippie, Vintage, Rock'nRoll - Camden Town

Today was GROOVY. It smelled like piss, patchouli, good old hand-crafted rock music and freedom. :)

I asked the girl from the room next door whether she wants to join me going to Camden Town and she did. She is going to study photography in the Czech Republic and was here for a three week language course, departing tomorrow. Strangely, she has not been to Camden before so it probably was just as much fun for her than it was for me. First thing we did was actually go into some place and eat. Even before we arrived at the market, we found a Wagamama and decided to eat there which I regretted a bit later. I mean, the food was fresh and tasty, but when I saw how many different, good smelling meals they offered at Camden Market from all over the world with really cheap prices, I'd probably have eaten there. Nevermind, I had some grilled udon noodles with chicken and ginger (pickled; pink, slightly salty and sour), along with gyoza as a side dish, and she a kind of curry, I assume.

Then there was Camden...
Camden Market is for itself, a little microcosmos of alternative cultures all mixed together deriving from different ethnic backgrounds, ideologies and (last but not least) music, while the main untertone remains that lingering aura of vintage-hipster-rock'n'roll fashion and ideal. It is a place where you can really imagine people losing track of the outer world if they stay there for too long.
Wonder would it be awful or awesome, if I made my living there. hmmm.

The external market is great already, but it gets really psychedelic once you get into the Horse Tunnel Market. People there REALLY live the image the shops are coming with, so it seems. You meet the strangest, most egocentric creatures, remains from the sixties and seventies mindwise. luv it luv it luv it. It really is the Groovy Kind of Love. After walking around the outside area for a little time again (we had some lemonade, meanwhile that might or might not have been fresh - or as old as the stand we purchased it in...), we saw street performers play music und two men doing capoeira alongwards, just before we went of, searching for a pub, but rather ended up taking a lenghthy but nice walk around the upper parts of the London Bridge area, were a nice, but slightly importunate lady - originally from Switzerland but living in London for 50 years - told us a bit about that wharf area, being originally the setting of Dicken's Oliver Twist - now containing flats that cost "an arm and a leg" to live in.

And that is what is actually bugging me a little: the failing in finding a spark of Old London; it's there, but as far as I have seen "modernly enhanced". :(
The night ended in our quarter, sipping on some canned apple cider (yum), both seing what seemed to be a FOX! I something like that two days ago already, but dismissed it as being a cat. But now that we both saw it simultaneously, I'm certain it was one - right in London.