Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 11: No festival, but a mochi instead?

Sooo alright, I kinda got the dates wrong and the night carnival I was opting for turned out to be Sunday...nevermind. I took a nice, longer evening walk from Westminster to Leicester Square instead. Passing churches (have to check how all these buildings/churches are called in Westminster again....), Trafalgar Square and parts of Soho (esp. some part of Chinatown).

Oh btw, reading through my blog again, I notice all these stupid spelling and grammar mistakes I tend to produce at times but still I decided to leave everything the way it is for now (until I cannot stand looking at them anymore anyway...). I wish I'd have more time for blogging on the one hand, but that on the other hand equals less time for actually DOING anything in the end, so sometimes I hastily write some bits down (still as detailled as possible at that certain moment; so by revisiting my blog later the memories turn out to be more vivid - that's the intention, at least), making the most stupid mistakes or keeping certain parts of an unfinished sentence that turned out differently, in the end. That's also why my posts happen to be rather lenghty - maybe too long for some people to follow - but in the end, all this is solely the result of my own egoism. ;) But still, if anybody else is interested in the things happening around me and My Two Cents, even better, and all my love belongs to you. ;) Oh, and not to forget the times I'm waaay too exhausted even to think properly, but still try to write something down so I'm not tooo far behind. But this state of mind changes rapidly when one of my bestest eight-legged friends decides to drop by again - but then I can say farewell to everything rational...

Anyway, I cannot remember having ever been at Trafalgar Square before, but I felt that it can't keep up with its own reputation. I mean, it was nice, rather pretty and crowded, but not too stunning. Sure, you go there so you can cross it off your list of things to see in LDN, but that's about it. There are way more striking places (the national gallery is supposed to be impressive, though, but did not have the time so far).

The Westend in London equals the New Yorkan Broadway, so to say, so there are theatres after theatres, and I will definitely see one or two (or three or...) shows eventually, but not today. Reeeaaaallly hungry, I ended up in Chinatown. I honestly intended to actually eat dinner at a restaurant, but then, seeing all these groups or couples, it seemed too pathetic to actually go somewhere all alone at night. It's different at lunchtime or in the early evening, but past eight - the impression would have been too sad.

So instead I went for a chinese pork dumpling (they called them bun for some reason) they sold on the street for only a pound twenty, and some yummy yummy mochis as a dessert later at 'home'. Je ne regrette rien. The dumpling was soft, resembling a Germknödel in its consistency - but savoury. The filling was actually mystery meat again, but hearty and delicious (and no sickness of any kind afterwards, so whatever). Unfortunately, right before it was gone, one drop of greasy liquid ended up on my chinos. :( Hope I'll manage to get it out - maybe it's time to visit the laundry service not too far away...

Back in Streatham, it was mochi time. The big sesame one was filled with sweet read bean paste, and the small ones covered in coconut were filled with peanut paste (I DID NOT eat all of them at once - for the record). I like the gooey texture of the outside, and it's quite filling as well.

That was the end of Saturday - I hope that it won't take too long for me to write about my awesome Sunday with Sarah and Katja, revisiting Camden Market and the nightly Carnival at the Thames that ended with a BANG! I did not even really look through all the pictures yet.....